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About 2020 Vision

2020 Vision provides executive coaching for CEOs/presidents/owners of privately held companies — most often with a gross annual income of between $2 million and $10 million. We are focused on helping them create a long-term vision, actionable business plans and develop their management team. We focus on companies that are experiencing rapid change, and often become engaged with our clients when they are planning to launch a new product or brand, seeking to acquire a new company or planning for their own exit strategy.

Examples of recent client activities include:

About Richard Olson

President /Managing Partner

Richard has more than 17 years of comprehensive experience in directing operations through strategic planning and effective management of staff and budgets. He is adept in sales and marketing functions and is a team builder, capable of implementing best practices and motivating staff to peak performance. He has experience in the training, motivating and management of high-performance teams; establishing goals and monitoring progress. Richard possess skills and abilities that are well suited to variety of industries.

Core competencies include:

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