Our Process

When assisting CEOs, presidents and owners of companies that are experiencing rapid change (most often because of great or sudden success), we understand that help is needed quickly. But if the vision for the company includes long-term, sustainable success, it is worth taking a moment to answer some important questions.

Instead of formulas for business plans or cookie-cutter business tools, 2020 Vision takes clients through a much more personal process that gets to the heart of what they really want from their company.

  1. We spend meaningful time with the company owner/CEO to refine and clarify a long-term (10-year) vision for their business and their life.
  2. Once the vision is clarified, we lead the management team in a comprehensive strategic-planning process that creates actionable goals and realistic timelines.
  3. Finally, we remain engaged in helping the leadership team implement that plan throughout the year, which promotes accountability and success. It is this step that differentiates us from other consultants because we remain at your side throughout the entire process.

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