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About 2020 Vision Strategic Advisory Group

2020 Vision is a strategic advisory company, founded in 2008, that provides executive consulting for CEOs, presidents and owners of privately held companies, often with a gross annual income of between $5 million and $50 million. Our clients are typically experiencing rapid change – most often explosive sales growth or a new product launch.

We are focused on helping ownership create a long-term vision, actionable business plans and plans for developing their management teams. This helps their companies adapt to change (whether planned or unplanned), convert challenges into opportunities and set a course for personal and professional fulfillment.

Some examples of our recent work include helping companies achieve pre-tax profitability within the first year of working with them; guiding CEOs through strategic and financial planning to create 10-year plans and pinpoint effective methodologies for new product launches and acquisitions; and conducting weekly or monthly consultation sessions with company leadership to guide strategies, improve operations and achieve business growth.

If you’re ready for your business to take the next step, learn more about our services and core competencies or contact us for more information.

About Richard Olson

Richard Olsen

President / Managing Partner

Richard founded 2020 Vision Strategies in 2008 and has more than 20 years of experience in directing successful business operations through strategic planning and effective management of staff and budgets. He has a long history of transforming sales and marketing functions and is a team builder, capable of implementing best practices and motivating staff to peak performance.

A proven and successful business owner, Richard previously served as president and owner of multiple manufacturing and industrial distribution companies in Minnesota and Florida prior to establishing 2020 Vision Strategies.

He has experience in acquisitions and training as well as the motivation and management of high-performance teams, establishing goals and monitoring progress. Richard possesses skills and abilities that are well suited to a variety of industries.

Examples of Richard’s successes with his clients include achieving pre-tax profitability within the first year, guiding CEOs through strategic and financial planning to create 10-year plans and pinpointing effective methodologies for new product launches and acquisitions.

Richard currently lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. with his family.

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