Here’s what our clients are saying:

“2020 Vision has completely changed my thinking and has me setting and achieving goals I never thought were possible. Your strategic planning process is something that I would say is a must for any growing or transitioning company.”

- John

“When the opportunity presented itself for me to acquire a new business, 2020 Vision was a great asset in helping us get started. We have spent many hours discussing long term strategy as well as the tactical things that needed to be completed in the first year.”

- Kevin R.

“2020 Vision has been a tremendous asset to our organization, their input on our 10-year plan was invaluable. They have extensive knowledge on acquisition strategy that will be an ongoing impetus for our company. I have especially enjoyed the one on one coaching, because of their well-rounded approach.”

- Kenneth B.

“After 10 years of working for myself, I realized I was doing exactly that. I was not building a business, I was essentially an incorporated freelancer with no concrete vision for where I wanted the business to go. After meeting with Richard, a light went off and the trajectory of my company was irrevocably changed. He challenged me to expand my perception of what I was and helped me create a clear path for success. Over the past six years, we have experienced dramatic growth and are surpassing revenue goals. I am forever grateful for Richard’s advice and vision for what we could be.”

- Dave F.

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